Canon: an iPhone game by Boonana Studios

I was the UI/UX designer for Canon for the Advanced Game Design course at Cornell University. I had never heard of UI/UX design before, and had to learn design softwares and principles within a tight amount of time. I also helped the Lead Artist create the visual art for the game.

The above is my Tumblr that looks back at my entire semester's worth of hundreds of drawings, wireframes, mockups, and thought processes. Please note, the first entry is on the last page; I am in the process of finishing this Tumblr.

Canon won #1 Best Gameplay and #3 Audience Favorite at the 2017 Game Design Initiative at Cornell! Canon was also 1 of 4 games in Cornell's SP17 Game Design that was chosen to showcase at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG) at MIT.

Final Screens:

The Team (Boonana Studios):

Jonathan Chen - Programmer
Hong Jeon - Programmer
Kelly Lee - UI/UX Designer, Artist
Kenneth Lee - Team Leader
Kyle Sampson - Lead Programmer
Kelly Yu - Programmer
Susan Zou - Lead Artist

I'm excited to continue to work with such a talented group of people. Next stop, App Store!